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Sydney Interviews Christina Grimmie


At just 21 years old, Christina Grimmie has made her name for herself as a Youtube sensation, American Music Award-winning solo artist, and top 3 finalist on The Voice. Plus, she’s opened for Selena Gomez on tour, performed on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, and released a single, “Cliche,” which peaked at number 7 on iTunes charts. In case you haven’t noticed, she’s mega talented, adorable and successful. Giving us the low-down on all-things music and fashion, Christina tells Style Solutions her story. 

S: What made you transition from just singing covers to writing your own music?
C: Realizing that I could be doing a lot more than just covers made me switch; I could be influencing people in a whole new way by releasing music that was unique to me and having people see that. And also, just knowing that labels look for fresh original music, they’re not necessarily looking for just cover artists.

S: Out of all the music competitions, what made you choose going on the Voice in ’14? 
I loved the idea of not having to see the singer while their singing. Growing up I’ve honestly never ever been a performer; I was always just working on my voice. I eventually grew into my own artist and became a performer along the way, but vocals are something that I’ve always cared about expanding and getting better at.

S: Are you still in touch with your coach, Adam?
Here and there yes, but we are both just very busy people!

S: What have you been working on lately? 
Working on some brand new music, trying to really tap into a more “hushed” side of me, get some emotion out in the new album.

S: How many times will you film a song before thinking it’s ready to go live on YouTube? 
More times than I’d like to admit…I’m probably the planet’s most psychotic perfectionist so every little detail needs to be perfect. And I’m not much of a “post production” kind of person when it comes to posting on YouTube. And by that, I mean I don’t go in after I’ve recorded it and fix the vocals or tune them, and even if I did that it’d be fairly obvious. And how else am I supposed to become a better singer if I fix every little thing I do wrong through a computer?

S: How often are you uploading videos nowadays?
Because of the writing process I’m in there hasn’t been much posting lately. Starting it up again soon.

DSC_6345-printS: How did you celebrate getting 3M subscribers? 
I celebrated online for a bit, and then I think I watched a massive marathon of Friends and ate a bunch of ice cream.

S: You’ve accomplished a lot at 21. Is there something you want to do that you haven’t done yet?
I’ve accomplished a lot so far in such a short amount of time it feels, my dream is to maybe one day make it to the Grammy’s. The Grammy’s for me is like every sports fan’s Super Bowl. I never miss it! So it’d be an honor to be able to perform on that stage and maybe even win one

S: How do you describe your personal style?
CFashion is something that I never thought I’d be as into as I am now. I’m not much of a girly girl so I dress pretty tomboy/chic most of the time. I used to be strictly skater! Although I have to say I think that’ll always be a part of me in some way.

S: You’re wearing green headphones in your latest videos. Who are they by?
CThey are Panasonic. I’ve had these headphones since my start on Youtube, basically, so in a weird way those headphones and I have a sentimental connection haha. I even wore them in my very first music video EVER, called “Advice”.

Shrug ArtworkS: What’s something we’d be surprised to learn about you?
CI can’t whistle. Never have been able to [laughs].

S: What’s next for you?
New music and just working hard to get the new stuff right!

A Holiday Video

A Holiday Video

School is out and break is here. I’m starting off my holiday vacation by going to Radio City Music Hall’s Christmas Spectacular -The Rockettes- this afternoon which is my favorite holiday show of all time.  When attending various shows and holiday parties, I like to have sections in my closet full of dressy and casual-chic looks that are glamourous, easy, and fun.  I also like to have a cruise-wear section in my closet which is a combination of pieces from the summer and new purchases so I won’t be stressed out when packing to go away.  You’ll get a taste of my cruise looks when I go to South Beach and Palm Beach in two weeks.

Designers come out with special looks for the holiday and cruise season each year, so I made a video slide show (which is definitely the best one yet) of my 2010 favorite pieces for this special and best time of year.

Check out my video by clicking this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvylahwguKE

Don’t you just love holidays?

Winter Trends 2010 Video

Winter Trends 2010 Video

Winter is here and so are the trends!  Velvet, fur, mini dresses, and layers are the most current trends of the season, and I have made a video slideshow to show you some of the hottest looks from the runway.  More trends will develop as the season continues, but the looks that I have seen so far are promising for shoppers – I just bought a velvet top in Montreal and I love it.

Here is the link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQCXwXiCe1k

What’s your favorite trend?  Vote on this poll and let me know.