Saturday Lunch At Rouge Tomate

In Food on January, 05 2013


Tuscan Kale Salad: acorn squash/greenmarket apple/maple pecan/dried sour cherry/parmesan/lemon vinaigrette

Salad of Brussels Sprouts and Roasted Pear: berkshire prosciutto/duchilly hazelnut/lemon/thyme/aged balsamic

Cucumber Cooler

Hand Rolled Potato Gnocchi: heirloom cauliflower/oyster mushroom/brussel sprouts/parmesan/black truffle emulsion
get-attachment-1.aspxLemon Tart

Earlier this afternoon, I had one of the most satisfying lunches with my mom and brother at Rouge Tomate on the Upper East Side. I’ve been quite a few times, but this meal in particular was absolutely delicious. With the New Year, my goal is to eat satisfying meals that are filling, yet healthy. The dishes above, which my mom and I shared, were perfect portion wise, and truly fulfilled each and every one of my tastebuds. My favorite dish was the gnocchi, but only because I’m quite the pasta person and have a guilty pleasure for carbs. But regardless, the meal as a whole was definitely a 1o out of 10, and the combination of the relaxing and modern ambiance of the restaurant made for a wonderful Saturday afternoon lunch in the island of Manhattan.

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