Swing Style

In In The Pages on January, 06 2013


Yesterday was claimed “Art Day.” AKA–3 UESiders decided to challenge themselves to not take any taxis for the day and explore different exhibitions around the city.

One of them, where we conveniently started off, was Ann Hamilton’s “The Event Of A Thread” exhibit at the Park Avenue Armory.

When I heard I was going to this exhibit, I didn’t know much, other than I saw multiple photos of this large curtain on many Instagram accounts of which I follow.

But when I arrived, there were at least 100 people wrapped around the Armory waiting to get in, and once we were finally let in, there were hundreds of people in this giant space with oversized swings connected to wires in all directions, big enough to fit three adults, and the white curtain stood with people lying underneath.




get-attachment-1.aspxI had never felt more confused in my entire life. The only similar situation that I could think of was Episode 12, Season 6 of Sex and the City, when Carrie and Charlotte went to an exhibit at an art gallery and Carrie had an unexpected rendevous in the exotic world of art with big shot “Alexander Petrovsky.”

While I can’t relate on the romantic level, I can relate to the level of confusion Carrie experienced at the exhibit–absolutely clueless.

But even though I had no idea what was going on, I somehow felt a part of something so unique, strange and rather significant at the same time, so much so that I didn’t walk out in a hurry, but I actually took a shot at the swing, and joined in with the experience.

This NY Time’s article will give you more on the 411.

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