Halloween, or Christmas?

In Clothing on October, 31 2011

Happy Halloween Style Solutions readers!  Today’s the day where we whip out our costumes, eat endless amounts of candy, and of course look fabulous.  However, it’s been feeling more like Christmas than Halloween due to the tremendous snowstorm that hit the North East on Saturday.

I happened to be traveling to Allentown, PA for the day when the snow first started, and once I arrived, it looked like a winter storm that we only see in February.   The roads were completely full of snow and I was absolutely soaked. It was very strange to have a snowstorm in October, but there was something fun about it–I was in shock as the snow got worse, and worse.

Luckily I dressed somewhat properly for the unexpected surprise, and kept rather warm thanks to two of my favorite winter pieces.  My first favorite is my new Topshop Faux-Fur Belted Coat.  It is thigh length and is the coziest jacket I own.  It’s a classic must-have do its color, over-sized collar, and chic, sophisticated yet edgy look.  Plus, the snaffle lock belt adds a charming finishing touch.  I also love the green lining, which acts as a pop of color if you choose not to lock the belt.  Although it got wet due to the snow, I couldn’t have worn a better jacket –I looked somewhat like a black bear turned polar bear.

My other winter must-have is Saks Fifth Avenue’s Blackberry Gloves.  The clever design, with turn down index fingers and thumbs that allows you to comfortably use touchscreen mobile devices, is perfect for the coldest of days.  They are practical, functional, and were essential to me during this storm.  I own the black pair as they match best with the majority of my wardrobe, but the gloves also come in brown oat, grey teal (love), and plum.

Once I got back to NYC, it was still snowing, and I had no interest in getting dressed up for a night out.  Instead, I enjoyed a warm cup of hot chocolate with ghostmallows (a.k.a Halloween flavored and shaped marshmallows) while watching Project Accessory in my cashmere J.Crew lounge pants, an oversized sweater, and cheetah print socks.  While some might think, “what a boring Saturday night!”, it was just what I needed.

Dress up well today!

with style,