Novelties of decorative make-up in 2024

In Beauty, News on February, 28 2024

In 2024, decorative make-up trends focus on naturalness, radiance and individuality. Women want to stand out with their unique looks and unusual formats to style creation.

Here are a few key takeaways:

Natural beauty:

  • The emphasis is on radiant, healthy skin.
  • Use light foundations, highlighter and blush.


  • Shiny textures are a major trend.
  • Use radiant shadows, highlighter, lip glosses.


  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with colours and textures.
  • Express your individuality through make-up.

Trending shades:

Pinks and peaches:

  • These shades give your face a fresh and radiant glow.

Browns and golds:

  • These shades are suitable for creating a more smoky ace look.

Bright colours:

  • Use bright colours to add accents to your makeup.

Image description and features:

Natural make-up:

  • Use a light foundation, concealer, highlighter and blush.
  • Apply nude shadow on your eyelids and mascara on your lashes.
  • Use a nude lip gloss.

Radiant make-up:

  • Use a radiant foundation, highlighter and blush.
  • Apply glowing shadow on your eyelids and mascara on your lashes.
  • Use a glowing lip gloss.

Bright make-up:

  • Use bright shadows, eyeliner and mascara.
  • Apply a bright lipstick on your lips.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with colours and textures to find your unique style.

Changes in decorative cosmetics in 2024

  1. Emphasise radiance:
  • In 2024, the trend of glowing skin is still relevant.
  • In 2023, the glow was more delicate, but in 2024, it is more pronounced.

Use highlighter, radiant foundations, blush and bronzers to create the effect of glowing skin.

  1. Bright colours:
  • In 2024, there are more bright colours in makeup.
  • In 2023, nude shades were popular and in 2024, bright shades of eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipsticks and blushes are trendy.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colours to create your own unique look.

  1. The 90’s trend:
  • The year 2024 is seeing a resurgence of 90s trends.
  • Brown and nude lipsticks, pearlescent shadows, and matte textures are in vogue.

Use these trends to create a stylish 90s look.

  1. Skincare:
  • In 2024, there is an increasing focus on skincare.
  • Multifunctional products that combine beautifying and caring properties are in vogue.

Use these products to improve the condition of your skin.

  1. Individuality:
  • In 2024, trends don’t dictate the rules as much as they used to.
  • Individuality and self-expression are in vogue.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and create your own unique style.

In general, 2024 decorative cosmetics have become brighter, more radiant and individual.