Sydney Interviews Katie Lee (Part II)

In Interview/Personal Appearance on September, 27 2011

This is part-deux of my interview with Katie Lee–she chats fashion, her love for writing, Groundswell, and more! Bon appétit, cheris!

S: Now you’re an author of your debut fiction novel, Groundswell.  What made you want to take on this project?

K: I used to go to creative writing camp when I was a kid, and I always dreamed of writing a novel someday.  I have tried a few times in the past, and could never get a story to stick.  One day, after I’d been surfing, I came up with the idea for “Groundswell,” went in the house and started writing and didn’t stop.

S: What does the title mean?

K: A groundswell is perfectly even, balanced waves, caused by a distant storm, also known as ideal surfing conditions.  In “Groundswell,” the heroine, Emma, finds that losing everything she thought she wanted was the best thing that could have ever happened to her.  After she splits from her husband, Garrett, the hottest movie star in the world, she heads to Mexico for peace and solitude.  There she finds her balance, and a hot surf instructor along the way.

S: That’s definitely going on my reading list!  Now let’s chat fashion.  Describe both a casual and a dressy Katie Lee look.

K: I’m mostly casual when I’m in the Hamptons.  I wear a lot of James Perse because it is so comfortable but doesn’t look sloppy, and Gap jeans.  When it’s time to get dressed up, I keep it simple and accessorize with great jewelry and shoes.  If I want to feel special, I wear Chanel.

S: What’s next for you?

K: All of the above! I’m working on another idea for a book and I am now working with Clos Du Bois wines and creating recipes that are perfect for entertaining and pair well with the wines.

How fantastic!  A big thanks to Katie Lee, and Style Solutions will definitely be keeping up with her new ventures.