Sephora’s Newest Addition: Sadick Dermatology Group

In Beauty, Interview/Personal Appearance on July, 16 2011

To some he’s the botox guru, to others he’s Dr. Dior, but to me, he’s dad.  His new skincare line with Sephora, Park Avenue Prescription, launched in 150 stores just two days ago.  Below is my interview with Dr. Sadick.

S: It’s said that people travel from all over the world to get your “Park Avenue Prescription.”  What is it?

D.S: It’s the world’s leading advanced skincare program that is changing the way people take care of their skin.  The first product is the AM Protection Cream that has one of the highest levels of antioxidants available in conjuction with a cosmetically elegant physical sunscreen.  Then there’s the evening program which is very simple: PM Reversal Serum and PM Rejuvenation Cream. This easy serum has new generation peptides and other vitamin A and retinol which combine to keep your collagen stimulated.  We also made this very affordable because we have our own manufacturing facilities and is based upon 25 years of research in our group.

S: Why is it called Park Avenue Prescription?

D.S: Our flagship office is located on Park Avenue, and most people associate Park Ave with something important, prestigeous, and effective.

S: What was the process like of developing this line?

D.S: Sephora came to us a year ago when I was the Global Medical Advisor for Dior (I helped develop their products for the past 6 years), and asked us to develop a word class scientifically clinically proven skincare line that they could utilize throughout the US, Canada, and potentially around the world.  I helped choose each ingredient for the products and oversaw the clinical testing that showed the amazing 80% improvement of wrinkles, pigmentation and redness on the skin, just after 6 weeks of using the products.

S: Who is your customer?

D.S: Men & women who want to slow down the aging process and prevent the acceleration of photo aging because it’s a lot easier to stop the aging process than to reverse it.

S: How does your line differentiate from other doctor lines?

D.S: I’ve worked with Dior, Avon, Loreal, Procter and Gamble, La Prairie, etc.  I know what’s in those products, I know the way that they’re formulated, and in order for me to have come out with this line, I had recognize a gap.  I felt there was nothing simple and comprehensive in anti-aging.  With us, it’s about how the products work.

S: You’re coming out with a new book sold at all of the B&N and Borders stores around the world.  Tell us about it.

D.S: The New Natural is about what men and women want.  They want to look natural (not necessarily younger), not artificial, but fresher.  It talks about how to say young without the knife, how to slow down the aging process, protecting your skin, and stimulating your natural collagen.

S: What’s next for Sadick Dermatology Group?

D.S: The next group of products: corrector pens then eye line, and then whole body rejuvenation (stretch mark products, cellulite products, and an advanced haircare line).