Happy Birthday Dad

In On Location on June, 01 2011

On this beautiful and warm evening in NYC, I celebrated my dad’s birthday.  This was a big birthday for my dad, so there was lots of question as to what to do.  Take him out for dinner, do a fun activity, etc. I’m all about throwing surprises, so my dad’s office and I threw my dad a surprise birthday party.

We hosted the two hour party at the Rare View Rooftop that overlooked the city.  Although a bit muggy, the sun was shining, making the ultimate view.  There were lots of other people there, and the crowd was fun and cool.  A DJ was spinning, everyone was chatting, and and everyone nibbled on mini foods like sliders.

Because I knew I would be outside, I wanted to wear something that I wouldn’t die of heat in.  I decided to wear a black short that is light, yet tight, and piped with bright colors like pink, blue, yellow, and green.  Black is most certainly us NYC girls’ uniform, but I always like to give my uniform a fun twist.

On top, I wore an American Apparel sleeveless black blouse.  I accessorized with new diamond-shaped gold hanging earrings that I bought at new Southampton store, Impulse, Michael Kors patent leather black peep-toe pumps, a black and gold embellished with crystal cocktail ring, and a neon pink Chanel handbag that was my grandmas from about twenty years ago.

This Chanel purse is one of my most favorite handbags because you don’t see ones that look like it today.  Plus, it’s right on trend being neon and small.  For the sunny part of the evening, I fashioned my rose-gold Ray Ban aviators.

I had a great time, but I’m most certainly happy to be back in my ice-cold air conditioning and in my comfy clothes.  Now it’s time for me to pick up Summer And The City, and indulge in Carrie Bradshaw’s summer activities.