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Sydney Interviews Bond No. 9 Founder, Laurice Rahme (part II)

This is part II of my interview with Bond No. 9 founder and creator, Laurice Rahme. She reveals what inspired her fragrances to be named after New York neighborhoods (truly touching) and some new projects in 2012, just to name a few. A big thanks to Laurice, and Style Solutions will continue to follow her success!

S: What’s the 411 on that extremely cool Bond No. 9 car?

L: The Bond car is a London taxi and is a humorous and ironic spin on the name of the company Bond No. 9. When we first started, and still to this day, people assumed our name was inspired by the famed Bond Street in London. We thought why not, what a great street to be associated with! Thus came about the idea of the Bond taxi. It is a celebration of the name Bond Street: an amused nod across the Atlantic, an amazing icon for us and, of course, extremely cool!

S: What’s the genesis of your fragrances being named locations?

L: Our offices and flagship boutique are located at 9 Bond Street in Noho. Being quite far downtown, you can imagine how after 9/11 we all who live and/or work downtown were devastated and deeply saddened. We were so close to site that we could smell the rubber and debris smoldering for weeks. One day I knew I had to make New York smell good again! So the concept of Bond No. 9 and celebrating each and every neighborhood with all its beauty and special character in the most amazingly smelling way was born.

S: I love your Sag Harbor store that you opened last summer. How did it go?

L: We love our Sag Harbor store! What a great way to celebrate New York life and pay homage to one of the most charming sea side towns in the state. There will be very exciting news around Sag Harbor at the beginning of summer 2012!

S: What’s next?

L: Like New York City, Bond No. 9 never rests. We are thrilled to be working on amazing fragrances for 2012 – for the Bond No. 9 Collection as well as for our latest brand, I LOVE NEW YORK by Bond No. 9. The new fragrances will yet again celebrate neighborhoods (for Bond No. 9 Collection) and the sentiment of the Empire State (ILNY by Bond No. 9) in a whole new way.

Sydney Interviews Bond No. 9 Founder, Laurice Rahme

Founder and creator of Bond No. 9, Laurice Rahme knows scents that appeal to every woman. From her inspiring career and notable scents and packaging to the backstory of the Bond No. 9 car, which can be spotted around NYC, Laurice graces Style Solutions with her story. Read on darlings, this is part I. 

S: Let’s start from the beginning. Why fragrances? 

L: Originally I studied art history in Paris and worked for a well-known antique dealer. After a few years, my passion for beauty and art took me into the heart of the beauty industry: to L’Oreal and from there into the world of perfumes, working with some of the greatest names in the fragrance universe. I came to the US almost 30 years ago with the famous perfume creator, Annick Goutal, to introduce her brand and creations to the US market. The time with Annick and what I have learned from her remain one of my strongest sources of inspiration.

S: Speaking of inspiration, how do you develop scents that always seem to be fresh and new?

L: I get inspired every day by life in NYC and its incredible energy; it is always fresh and new. All of us who live here feel that constant renewing fast-paced forward-motion that sparks creativity everywhere.

S: I can’t decide what I love more, your scent or your packaging. 

L: As with everything we do at Bond No. 9, our packaging is truly inspired by the neighborhoods of NY. Each neighborhood has its own character, beauty, and idiosyncrasies; our packaging as well as our fragrances celebrate this uniqueness.

S: Tell me about your amazing sample program!

L: We have an extensive sample program with our award-winning “bon bons”: sample vials that are reminiscent of French candies, hand-wrapped in chic, metallic wrappers in the signature color of each fragrance. To us, sampling is an intimate gesture and our customers absolutely love it.

S: I know I do! Which perfume does the best?

L: It really varies by the season. Our most recent launch, New York Amber, a perfume based on the precious and ancient ingredients of Amber and Musk, is very coveted by our customer, as is our Bond No. 9 Signature Perfume. Other sought after scents include Scent of Peace and Madison Square Park.

S: And your favorite?

L: I love them all, but right now my favorite is the one I am currently working on!

Stay tuned for part II tomorrow!