Sydney’s Thanksgiving Dinner Decor

In Decor, Holiday on November, 23 2012

There’s nothing like a warm and cozy environment for Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends.

Along with my mom’s homemade food comes seasonal decor, always glamorous, colorful, elegant, and festive. This year, we decided to go with metallics, pops of autumn leave shades, floral arrangements, and touches of personalization, such as translucent name tags for seating assignments and menus.

I love to enjoy my surroundings at the fullest, especially with the company of my family and friends, eating (or rather devouring) my mom’s delicious food, catching up on funny and new stories with friends since a tot, and ultimately focusing on giving thanks, relaxing, and just being together with the people that truly make me most happy.

I hope you had a great holiday and got to experiment with your inner Martha Stewart!

with style,