Sydney Brooches To The Classics

In On Sydney on June, 07 2012

Shirt: Urban Outfitters, Pants: James Jeans, Shoes: ModCloth, Brooch: Antique 

Denim button downs are quite the controversial topic in my family. The femmes of the older generation seem to despise them, where the younger generation simply adores them; I still run to my worn-in version when I want to be comfortable in something that is unstructured.

What I love most about denim button downs is how they can be worn in so many different ways: with a pair of lace shorts, a bright maxi skirt, tucked into a tweed mini skirt, unbuttoned as a jacket around a LBD, or simply with different colored jeans.

I decided to spice up my Wednesday dud with a classic, antique brooch that I found hidden behind my chunky jewelry in my drawer. I love the different colored stones and how much it sparkles when the light hits it.

You might find it surprising, but brooches are in this season. They can substitute your statement necklaces (not too often, of course) with their bold colors, design and glamour.

It’s fun to experiment with the placement of your brooch as the options are endless. Some tend to place brooches in the most unexpected places, like on a silk scarf or purse, but I like to place mine right over my top pocket for an accentuated look.

I was also happy to slip back into my Kicks and Tell Wedges, which I haven’t worn since my trip to LA. They are the ultimate go-to for creating an element of surprise with its print that simply speaks for itself, high platform heel and pastel hues.

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