Sydney’s Guide To Playing With Patterns

In On Sydney on May, 04 2012

Shirt: Clover Canyon, Shorts: Myne, Tights: Wolford, Shoes: Vince Camuto, Bracelets: Hermes & J.Crew, Blazer: Aqua, Sunglasses: Velvet Eyewear 

There’s salt and carmel. Pastels and neons. Chuck and Blair.

Combinations that seem unlikely to work can actually make the perfect matches after all. This same concept can be found in mix’n matching with patterns. Who said that the only way to look chic is to match everything from your clothes and accessories right down to your makeup? Not me. You do, though, want to mix appropriately so you don’t look like a circus act (although if you do, please make it Circ de Soleil).

Kidding aside, mixing is a trend that should be fun and exhilarating; an opportunity to play dress up in your closet with some daring spunk to give your otherwise simple pieces a facelift. This trend is perfect for these confusing warm to cold weather days. Although my blouse and shorts look like they shouldn’t work otherwise, they do. A tip to mixing while staying classy is to stick to a color pallet. I chose black and brown with splashes of blue and orange.

Also, think about proportions. You want there to be an equal balance of pizzazz in both your upper and lower extremities of your outfit. My Vince Camuto platform sandals are the perfect solution to adding a pop of color to my dark tights, which brings a polished look. Lastly, stay on the simple-side with your accessories. The addition of just a few bangles, a pair of sunnies, and a classic handbag all help to unify this experimental ensemble.

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