Sydney Goes To Karl by Karl Lagerfeld’s Pop-Up Shop

In Designer on April, 29 2012

Calling all Karl Lagerfeld fans and fashionistas! A rather new haute-spot has taken over the West Village’s Bleecker street, and it’s time for you to swing by. Karl Lagerfeld launched his pop-up shop featuring his new line, KARL, selling everything from iPhone cases and Karl dolls to makeup, detachable collars and a mix of edgy and glamorous clothes (plus more), all running from $69 to $600. The store screams Lagerfeld with the metallic details and simplistic white and black color palette implemented throughout the store. New merchandise can be found every few weeks, and I especially like the KARL t-shirts as they are great summer staples.

So make sure to take a trip to Karl’s jungle of galore for a fashion safari unlike any other–you don’t want to miss it.

with style,