Finding The “Perfect” Dress

In Clothing on January, 10 2012

stolen girlfriends club $198-garden print tee dress with cuff sleeves

I constantly overhear women saying they need to find the “perfect” dress, be it lunching with girlfriends or talking to their salesperson. But really, what makes a dress perfect? The silhouette, color, style, length, brand, or simply all of the above? I find that it’s actually easier to find a “match made in heaven” when not searching for something specific because you’re less paranoid and most likely are not on a time constraint.

I have now found myself to be one of those girls in need of the “perfect” dress. Finding dresses that I like isn’t hard, but it’s about finding one that feels and looks wow. The dress is for my birthday party in early February, so I want it to be special and rather unique. I’m going to LA the weekend before my party and am hoping to find a dress as two of my favorite stores, Kitson and Les Pommettes, are located there.

Since I have about 3 weeks until my dress hunt officially begins, I’ve taken matters into my own hands early by browsing dresses online. I haven’t found one for my party, but I found two others that I’m purchasing as they are under $200, are bright hues, can be worn for resort or for winter with the help of some trusty tights, booties, and other accessories, and because they are flattering silhouettes. Cross Back Dress $120

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