Belt The Day Away

In Accessories on November, 17 2011

jessica szohr

This is the first day that truly feels like winter!  The brisk cold air, unveiling of holiday windows, and Thanksgiving talk makes it feel normal [finally] to wear boots and jackets.  The city is bustling today, as usual, especially in warm places like stores and coffee shops.  I just got back from a meeting at Nespresso, one of my favorite haute-spots on the Upper East Side.  I ordered a mocha latte, which has a chocolatey taste without being over caffeinated.

As I was walking to and from Nespresso, I noticed a number of women fashioning thin belts with dresses and pants; perfect for day and night.  I usually stick to my vintage Hermes H belt because it’s classic.  Plus, I have three different colored straps for it to go on, so I alternate: navy blue, tan, and black.  However, I now want a belt that’s thinner and not expensive, but truly fun for those outfits that need a quick add of pizzaz.

Jessica Szohr always does a great job at adding a thin belt to her outfits like in the photo above–she’s knowledgeable about pulling off an effortlessly chic look.  ASOS has a great selection of thin belts.  From sparkly belts to cheetah belts to metallic belts and much more, the options are endless.  However, I came across a fantastic 3 that are perfect for this season.  Whether with a chic corduroy, a simple LBD, or just a t-shirt and jeans, these belts can add a bold factor without spending lots of money.

And get ready Style Solutions readers, because starting next week, it’s all about the holidays!

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Asos Mirror Metallic Skinny Belt, $11

Asos Suede 2 Prong Color Block Belt, $22

Asos Fantasy Leather Leopard Belt, $22