Classic Pumpkins Go Fashion Fabulous

In Holiday on October, 28 2011

It’s almost November and I still haven’t made it to Pumpkin Town in the Hamptons.  Almost every year, my family and I go out to our home for a long weekend, and enjoy autumn in a much less urban environment.  There’s nothing like sitting by the fireplace watching Something’s Gotta Give, and nibbling on sweet treats from the farmer’s market.   The air always smells fresher, pumpkins are everywhere, and the town of Southampton is transformed from bustling Hamptonite world to a quieter and more local populated environment.

The pumpkins in the city are completely different than the ones in the Hamptons in terms of color and size.  This is one instance where the city is limited, consisting of smaller and truly pricey pumpkins.  Until I have the chance to enjoy some autumn on the East End, and decorate a pumpkin to perfection, I can admire the pumpkin carvings of the refinery29 team, who went completely fashion-the Louis Vuitton logo, Missoni print, designer shoes, Balmain’s spring ’11 studded jacket, Anna Wintour (gasp!), and more.

Talk about pumpkin chic!

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