Sydney In Rag & Bone At Barneys

In Clothing, On Sydney on October, 09 2011

Sydney in her new Rag & Bone leggings pre-party

It’s been a busy week in the city with lots of work, events, and fashion.  On Thursday evening, I attended The Wall Street Journal party at Barneys (7th floor–mens), who collaborated for a 2 hour cocktail party.  Filled with drinks, a great crowd (consisting of fashion gurus, stylists, buyers, WSJ execs, etc), and up-beat music, the party was definitely happening.

On the same day as the party, I happened to go to Barneys in the afternoon to check out the new renovation. FYI–it’s not done yet, but there are going to be some fabulous new features, especially on the CO-OP floor such as an iPad bar, a chocolate store, and a Fred’s to-go: so excited.

Although it was a little difficult to shop with the new unfinished layout, I still managed to spot the new must-have Rag & Bone bottoms.  Coincidentally, they were just put on the shelves an hour before I arrived, and I went bananas over them.  The bottoms are called Galaxy Leggings, which is a classic mid-rise stretch legging (although they look like jeans) with 5 pocket silhouette.   The funky print originated from the Rag & Bone office cement floors.  Fun fact: the previous owner, conceptual artist Matthew Barney, had used the space as his studio and left his splattered paint to use as inspiration.

It’s interesting because I’ve never been a huge Rag & Bone fan (I only own one other item -my tan loose-knit sweater-) but I really liked the fit of the leggings.  Important tip: Rag & Bone bottoms tend to run large, so you’ll most likely go down a size.  I didn’t believe this until I actually tried them on, and my salesperson was right.

I decided to wear them to the WSJ and Barneys party that evening because I highly doubted that anyone would have them on…and I was right.  Everyone went crazy over them.  I paired the leggings (I still think they’re more like jeans) with a silk beige Topshop blouse with crochet sleeves, deep purple Joan & David platform pumps, my Aqua [faux] fur vest, and a black Chanel bag.

Rag & Bone Feather Leggings

If you don’t like the color pallet or pattern of these leggings, they also come in a green and white feather print (click photo to go to site).  I would say this print is more girly compared to the galaxy print, which is a bit edgier. Both prints are great; it just all comes down to personal preference.