In Honor of Steve Jobs

In Accessories on October, 06 2011

To much surprise, Steve Jobs passed away last night.  With the power of the internet, the news spread extremely fast: from Facebook status updates, online articles, to Tweets.  Without a doubt, the world has lost a mastermind who truly changed the world of technology.  My mom was walking by the Apple store today on Fifth Avenue, and took a picture of what people left on the steps leading up to the store.  In one way, the picture above makes me want to cry, but in another sense, it makes me want to smile because it shows how many people supported Jobs.

In honor of Job’s passing, this post is about decals, the new way of making your Apple devices hot and trendy. For those of you who don’t know what a decal is, it’s a design prepared on special paper to transfer onto surfaces.  The decals come off very easily, so you can change them when you feel like you’re ready for a new look –think a fast and fabulous makeover!  They’re also inexpensive: under $10.

Below are my favorite decals for my most used Apple technology, the Macbook Pro, all of which I find to be stylishly desirable.  R.I.P Steve Jobs.  Every industry -be it fashion, technology, journalism, finance, etc- will miss you.