Accessorize, Darlings!

In Accessories on September, 29 2011

Accessories, accessories, accessories.  I never stop talking about them, nor do I plan to.  I talk accessories even more than usual at the beginning of each season since that’s when new styles and trends come out.  I know it’s time to make a list of my favorite ones for fall when the leaves start to turn orange, pumpkins are spotted at neighborhood markets, candy corn is available in more than just the classic flavor, and wearing a light cardigan is not enough to keep warm.

This season’s accessories have been spot-on fabulous–total statement makers–, so it’s hard to just mention a few.  However, I have no doubt in my mind that my list will expand as the season goes on.  ~Here’s a start~

1. Miu Mu Ankle Boots: Sparkly, shimmery, sexy, oh my!  Talk about a new take on a regular fall/winter boot!  Missing summer?  Although your feet will be inclosed, all you have to do is dream that you’re wearing a sandal with the clever and totally out-of-the-box design.  Too much?  Not for Miu Miu…not one bit!

2. Tom Binns Fauve drop earrings:  With these Swarovski crystal clashing color palette earrings, you’ll be sure to make a fab fashion statement.  Go for a dark outfit to bring out the color, and pull up your hair to show these dazzlers at maximum effect.  Parfait!

3. Native Union-Pop Phone:  It’s all about being tech savvy in the new generation.  This POP handset combines classic style with a contemporary edge and is finished with a luxurious soft-touch texture.  Alice and Olivia’s Stacey Bendent is known for fashioning this quaint and charming accessory–is Gaga next?

4. Prada Butterfly-frame acetate sunglasses: It’s time to flap your wings with these hot Prada shades.  Ultra exaggerated and full of glamour, these sunglasses are definite fall must-haves.  Bring on the drama!