“Twinterview” With Michelle Smith

In Designer on August, 04 2011

Most celebrities, designers, and fashionistas in the eyes of the public are usually interviewed by the likes of fab fashion magazines like Vogue and Elle, newspapers like The New York Post, tabloids like People and Us Weekly, and popular blogs.

A new way of interviewing?  A “twinterview”.  No, it has nothing to do with interviewing twins like my favorite Olsen girls, but it does involve Twitter. will be hosting their first ever “Twinterview” with Michelle Smith, founder and designer of Milly, this Friday, August 5th and 10am EST.  This gives Milly fans an opportunity to submit their questions to Michelle that they’re just dying to get an answer to.

The “Twinterview” will last for one hour tomorrow, with Michelle tweeting her responses live to all questions ranging from fashion to inspirations and NYC favorites to guilty pleasures.  All the questions and responses will have a hashtag (#Twinterview) so that followers can follow the entire conversation if they miss it.  A full recap of the interview will also be included on the blog, “Fashion Fix“.

So whether you’re hanging on the beach, busy at work, or traveling to a fun place, be sure to check out Net-A-Porter’s first ever “Twinterview”.   I can’t wait!