LA Baby!

In Accessories on July, 22 2011

I have arrived in LA!  I am so happy to be here: the flight was fast and easy, and the temperature is 30 degrees less than in NYC.  Where I could walk around with barely-there clothes on in NYC this week (as the heat’s been blazing), I kind of need a jacket here! (I am enjoying the coolness, though)   The moment I stepped foot in LAX airport, I got the feeling that I knew I’m going to love it here; and believe me, I already do.  I haven’t been to LA in years, so this is kind of like coming for the first time all over again.

I’m staying at a cool, new hotel from Italy that screams chic.  The rooms are stylishly sleek, the lobby is beautiful, and the food is delicious.  When arriving, the hotel gives you complimentary bellinis which are sparkling and sweet (virgin ones too), making for the perfect welcome drink.  I was a little hungry, so I ordered prosciutto covered homemade breadsticks that were out of this world to go with it.  I’d been in my hotel for about only 20 minutes, and there was Kid Rock.

Speaking of Italy, I thought I’d share some cool new bracelets to my Style Solutions readers to read about while I start my LA adventures.

Milan Fashion Week was just a few weeks ago, where a cool line of bracelets were debuted.  The PG Bracelets are known as the ultimate accessory for celebrating Italy’s 150th anniversary.  The designer, Paola Garofalo, launched a line of colorful fabric charm bracelets, inspired by the way we are affected by color.  Each piece is meant to embrace a different mood or emotion.

Simple yet cool with a casual outfit or basic frock, these bracelets will add a subtle chicness to your outfits. I received the dark blue bracelet as a present today, and am excited to pair it with some of my outfits.  Below are some of the color options.  Browse the online store to pick your favorite color!