Prom Girl

In Clothing on June, 06 2011

The city was absolutely bustling today.  The air was cool, the sun was shining, and the Kardashians were here.  As my friend Sunny and I were walking past a popular store in our neighborhood, 25 Park, we noticed lots of paparazzi and little boys whose eyes were glued to the windows.  Sunny asked who was there, and it ended up being Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian.

Sunny and I went into the store and looked around for about 15 minutes, browsing the same racks as the gorgeous sisters.  They both looked great, and I especially loved Khloe’s metallic Louboutin pumps.  Eventually, we began speaking to Khloe; she was so sweet!.  This was one fabulous lunch break.

While I’ve been focusing on this Kardashian-run in most of the afternoon, others are focusing on prom.  In NYC, prom is usually between the end of May throughout the beginning of June.  Finding the right dress is no easy task, whether it’s determining what type of look you’re going for, the brand, the price, the fit, etc.  No matter what, finding the dress that fits all of your needs is most important. What type of prom girl are you?

Sequin Sensation

Light and Elegant

Punk Rock

Candy Girl

(photos: Teen Vogue)