Hats, Hats, Hats!

In Accessories on June, 07 2011

On these beautiful, hot, and sunny days, protecting your skin is very important.  My dad is a dermatologist, so I’ve been exposed to wearing a high SPF at a young age.  However, there are some days where I’m just not in the mood to wear sunscreen, so instead I find cute accessories that will help cover me up like sunglasses and hats. (photo: Teen Vogue)

Finding hats that I don’t think look silly on me is a never-ending challenge.  I go through dozens before finding the perfect one, and my search never stays local-Miami, Palm Beach, The Hamptons, and even Rome and Paris.  This summer, it’s all about straw hats.   I’ve browsed many hats this season (be it at stores, online, or on the pages of magazines) and want to share with you some of my personal favorites.

1. Zara’s Raffia Hat ($25.90): Want a great and affordable fedora that is chic enough for a polo match or luncheon?  This Zara fedora is classic with a twist (beige straw with a green, black, and blue ribbon).  All you need is a great pair of Ray Bans to go with it.

2. Kate Spade’s Stripe Straw Hat ($75): We love Kate Spade for her adorable wallets and jewelry, and now we love her even more for her fun and girly summer hats!  The sun won’t be the only thing shining on you this summer-get ready to hit the beach in this ultra glamorous natural and yellow hat that will give your beach looks a pop of color.

3. Hat Attack’s Raffia Fedora ($78): This hat is for the girl who wants an edgy and hip look.  Rock this braided two-toned fedora with a funky graphic t-shirt and colorful jean shorts for a fun day around town.  This hat is all about being bold.