The Wheels On The Jitney Go Round and Round

In On Location on May, 14 2011

I just got back from spending the day in the Hamptons with my mom, and I got a vibe that it will be a great summer.   My day started off at 7:30 this morning on the Jitney, which was surprisingly packed, and I caught up on some sleep while the bus went “round and round”.  It’s not even Memorial Day Weekend, and the bus driver made a comment as to how we have three bags for two people.  My answer was,” it’s now, or Memorial Day Weekend”.  He smiled.

When arriving in Southampton, I first dropped off my bags at home.  Then, I made my “breakfast rounds”: Goldbergs for a sunflower seed bagel, and Tates for a cappuccino (and some rhubarb pie for home).  Next came the flower shop, Lynch’s, in which my mom and I picked out some gorgeous plants and outside furniture pieces for our pool area.  Every year, my mom picks a different color to accent our home with, and this year she picked orange.

I then headed to town and went into all of my favorite stores -Tenet, Norahs, Jennifer Miller, and LF-, in addition to spotting the new stores that are rushing to finish their construction before Memorial Day.  While I was at LF, the store was hosting an event called Fight With Fashion, which fundraised money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  There was a table covered in pink everything -skirts, shorts, denims, socks, watches, scarves, etc-, and a white t-shirt with metallic letters spelling Power Of Now, in which 100% of net proceeds went directly to BCRF. If you donated, LF entered you to win a $250 gift certificate to LF stores.  It was a cute event for a great cause, and there was even a table full of pink cookies, cupcakes, and lemonade to munch and sip on while supporting.

After a long afternoon of walking around, my mom and I stopped at Catena’s to pick up some cold cuts to bring home.  We ate, had some meetings, and then made our way to the Jitney to catch a 7:30 pm bus back to the city.  On Memorial Day Weekend, I’ll show you the new stores in the Hamptons, and looks from my summer wardrobe.