Street Meat?

In On Location on May, 07 2011

Weekend fun is here: food, sun, shopping, friends, family, and more.  My first weekend of May began with dinner at NYC hotspot, The Hurricane Club, last night with my dad.  The scene and aesthetic of the restaurant was very cool with its dark yet glamorous decor, trendy crowd, and extraordinarily unique selection of food.  For example, my mango chicken was covered in gold.

My Saturday (most of which was spent downtown) started off quite early, and will be ending very late.  I wore light blue J.Brand jeans, black BCBG wedges, a J.Crew black v-neck, a chunky silver and lucite necklace, a vintage Chanel bag, and blue Ray Ban’s.  This morning, I went to Balthazar for breakfast to have my normal bread basket, fruit salad, and cappuccino.  I then walked around Mercer and West Broadway where I went to American Apparel, and a street vendor where I bought some great pieces of jewelry.

Next came the Meat Packing District.  I first stopped at a food truck (what seems to be a trend in food nowadays), and got another cappuccino, this time a cold one, and a warm chocolate chip cookie.  I then made my way into a number of stores, some of which included Scoop Street, Matthew Williamson, Diane Von Furtstenburg, Sex and The City favorite, Jeffrey, and Alexander McQueen.

My last downtown destination was Christopher Street, and I went there for one reason only: to stop at my favorite new candy store, Sockerbit.  I picked up all of my favorite gummies, and even got a little box of gummies for my best friend, Alex, who is visiting NYC.  I eventually made my way uptown to meet Alex, and I took her to my favorite stores on the Upper East Side.  Tonight, we are going out for a late dinner at Beauty & Essex which I am looking forward to immensely.

I love spending my weekends downtown because there are so many fun and great neighborhoods to explore, each one with its own unique personality and specialty.  There was another extremely fun part of my day, but I won’t mention that until tomorrow. Enjoy your Saturday night, and don’t forget to wish your mom a happy mother’s day once the clock strikes midnight.