Only In New York…

In Accessories on May, 05 2011

New York City is one of those places where remarkable things happen, and nowhere else.  My Thursday morning started off as usual: Physics class.  I was not what I would call looking forward to first period because I was pretty tired; however, today’s class was anything but boring.  My science teacher decided that we should relocate in Central Park, and try out our new experiment: shooting black stoppers across the park (as you can see, this apparently required goggles, neon blue ones to be exact, which I was making sure to securely tighten around my head).

On our way out of the park, boy did we come across a familiar face: Bono, from U2.  I don’t get starstruck, but I have to say it was a pretty cool “run in” considering Central Park felt empty, and it was Bono: I immediately recognized him due to his signature sunglasses.  As Cindy Adams says, “only in New York kids, only in New York”.

After school, I passed by one of my favorite stores Wink NYC, where I came across an adorable handbag for Spring and come Summer.   I love metallics, and feel that they’re not a trend that goes in and out, but one that is here to stay.

Claire Vivier just came out with a handbag called ‘Shopping Tote Anthracite‘ that will give your outfits an extra ounce of glamour and color.  The tote is extremely accessible due to its reach-in design, so you won’t have to worry about not finding your belongings.  The tote will look great with all of your Spring and Summer basics, and be a go-to day tote.  It looks as if there is a splash of every color, so don’t be afraid to match this tote with more than one color.

Check out the Claire Vivier tote on  for $172.