Five Steps To Making A Fashionable Easter Bunny Cake

In Holiday, On Location on April, 23 2011

Every year, when visiting Palm Beach Easter weekend, our club has many festivities.  This morning, families gathered in the ballroom to decorate Easter bunny cakes.  This is not a tiny cake (may I add).  There is a face, two ears, and a bow tie.  When sitting down at your assigned table, each seat has an apron and a towel so no one would get their glamorous outfits messed up, in addition to decorative toppings: two containers of icing, two containers of white coconut, one container of pink coconut, one container of green coconut, and one container full of string licorice, peppermints, candy corn, good and plenty, and jellybeans.  The apron was an adorable and smart idea: I did not want to ruin my new Parker red and white sleeveless dress, accessorized with nude pumps, crystal bangles, a rose-gold flower necklace, and red sunglasses.

To make my fashionable Easter bunny cake, I completed five steps.  First, I applied vanilla icing on all parts of the cake.  Second, I sprinkled white coconut all over, and then I put green coconut on top of the bow, and pink coconut on top of the ears.  Third, I gave my bunny a nose by placing three good and plenty together with pieces of string licorice attached.  Fourth, I gave the cake a mouth using candy corn, and eyes using peppermints.  Fifth (lastly), I  made a headband out of candy corn, giving my bunny a fashionable touch.  Bellow are pictures of the steps.  Enjoy!