Fashionable and Yummy Passover

In Holiday on April, 19 2011

For the second night of Passover, seder was held at my apartment.  My mom loves cooking for all sorts of holidays, finding one special recipe to another, mastering each one.  I was off from school today, so I was able to watch and help (help meaning eat what she didn’t need for our family dinner) my mom cook.  It seemed as if my mom made an endless amount of food: matzo ball soup, charoset, gefilte fish, steamed asparagus, fruit compote, chicken, matzo stuffing, and a lot more.  “Attendees” included my brother, dad, poppy (grandpa), and three cousins.  My cousins brought two types of flowers, and I particularly liked the orchid plant in white and mint green.

After watching my mom cook for quite some time, I decided to go outside and run some errands: cleaners, manicure, pedicure, and bringing my grandpa to old-time barber shop Paul Mole on Lexington Ave.  I came home to a beautifully set up table organized by my mom: gold floral table cloth, one of my favorite sets of gold, orange, black, and white china, napkins in gold and pearl napkin-rings, and candles and yellow roses floating in little vases of water.  The table was most certainly “fashionable”.

Since I knew I would be staying home and would be eating a ton of delicious food, I wanted to wear something that I would be comfortable in and wasn’t dressy.  I wore my turquoise and navy Anthropologie blouse that I seem to talk about and wear more than I actually do, black leggings, black pumps (nope, no platform), a gold crystal-ball hanging off a chain necklace, a black cuff, and a watch.  In photo: I’m standing behind the table where the dessert was kept until ready for being served, and let me tell you, the dessert was amazing.  My mom made a chocolate soufflé-tasting cake with cherry preserves in the middle, meringue on top, and mini chocolate covered matzo on the outside.  Other deserts included chocolate covered marshmallows, a variety of macaroons, an apricot tart, and my mom’s homemade chocolate chip “cookies” that are extremely good.

I had lots of fun tonight spending time with my family, indulging in delicious food, and following the overall traditions of Passover.  There are 6 more days left of Passover: leftovers await until I head to Palm Beach this weekend.