Sydney Interviews Tinsley Mortimer

In Celebrities, Fashion Designer, Interview/Personal Appearance on March, 28 2011

High Society “It Girl” Tinsley Mortimer is stylish, smart (Columbia University graduate), fashion designer (Samantha Thavasa and Riccimie), and such a sweet person.  Tinsley graciously gave me the opportunity to interview her for Style Solutions.

S: How did you become the social “It Girl”?

T: I love supporting my friends in fashion and there are so many amazing causes and charities to be a part of in the city.  Also, working at Vogue magazine and Harrison & Shriftman PR firm enabled me to meet a lot of people in New York.

S: Who are your favorite designers? (besides yourself of course!)

T: I love Dior, Valentino, Jay Ahr, Marchesa, Alice and Olivia, Brian Atwood, and Louboutin!

S: You not only have great taste in the selection of clothes you wear, but everything looks great on you.  Any suggestions on how to accomplish this?

T: I always wear what I like and what makes me feel like me regardless if it is considered “of the moment” or trendy. I know what works and what doesn’t on me. I love to feel like a girly girl and look super feminine whenever I am out. It makes me feel the most comfortable and confident.

S: Tell me about your design work.

T: I design handbags for a Japanese company called Samantha Thavasa and clothing only sold in Japan for a company called Riccimie. I design bags and clothes that I want to wear, that I want in my closet. Everything is very girly with a slight edge.

S: What wardrobe suggestions do you have for the girl who is on a budget but wants to look fashion forward?

T: You can find so many amazing clothes, bags (mine range from 200-500), and shoes at inexpensive prices. It is all about the fit and really knowing what you are looking for. If you shop with specific looks in mind or for a specific occasion you are better focused and it doesn’t become overwhelming. Having a great tailor too is super important and can make anything work. Pay attention to proportions on your body. Clothes, jewelry and shoes need to be the right proportion for your size.

S: Anything else in the works for you that we should know about?

T: I was just named a National Ambassador for the Humane Association and it is such an honor. I want to encourage everyone to go to their local shelters and adopt a pet!!

A big thanks to Tinsley, and Style Solutions will continue to follow her exciting career!