Opposites Attract

In Clothing on March, 07 2011

Living in NYC has given me the ability to witness many personal styles.  Some fashion colorful florals, while others keep it dark yet dramatic in all black; some wear platform pumps while others stick to Converse; and some wear tons of makeup while others simply wear none.  The list of “opposites”, if you will, can go on and on, but like the old saying, opposites attract.  I might love the head-to-toe-glamorous look; sparkly dress, high stilettos, a bold red lip, etc; but I also love feeling comfortable in leggings with a sweatshirt and my neon orange sneakers that are perfect for a day of casual walking around.  It’s all about combining your dressy pieces with your casual pieces to make that perfect outfit.

Sequins are not only perfect for a fun night on the town, but they are also great for during the day.  I love sequins because you can wear them for dressy occasions, but you can also dress them down by wearing solid casual pieces.  I have lots of sequin blouses in my closet, and I dress them down during the day with a pair of jeans, or when it’s warm out a pair of shorts.  At night, I dress them up with a skirt and pumps.  Now that Spring is on its way, I’m ready to invest in a pair of sequin shorts. Doesn’t Olivia Palermo look great in her pair of sequined shorts?  I think so.

J.Crew recently came out with ‘Zoe paillette-embellished merino wool shorts‘ that will be a perfect sparkly addition to your wardrobe.  The shorts are in matte-navy, a color that is not only classic, but is extremely slimming: navy is the next best option to black.  Of course you can wear the shorts out at night, but why not for during the day?  For a casual yet glamorous look, pair these shorts with a cool t-shirt in the black and grey family, Converse black high-tops, a black leather hobo handbag, black aviators, a navy-blue and silver cocktail ring, and a metallic silver eye: if it’s chilly, put on a black leather jacket.

The merino shorts are adorable, and I love how they can be dressed up and down with the slightest accessory change: all you need to do is change your shoes and purse.  What do you think?  Check out these sequin-embellished shorts on for $150.