As Seen On Hilary

In Accessories on March, 03 2011

Hilary Duff is one of those celebrities who dresses in a simple yet stylish way. I see Duff as more of an everyday type girl, not dressing over the top, but still looking effortlessly chic. We first saw Duff starring in TV shows and movies on Disney Channel, but now she has moved onto other ventures like being a New York Times Best Selling Author of her book Elixir. I read Elixir, and it was quite good.  Those of you who like a good chick-flick will agree.

I recently came across a photo of Duff where she made a fashion statement: not with clothing, but with an accessory.  Above is a photo of Duff fashioning a signature black and white Alexander McQueen scarf (the pattern and color comes in an adorable flat shoe), what seems to be a black leather jacket, and a bold, chunky, statement-making earring.  That earring so happens to be by one of my favorite jewelry designers, Kendra Scott.

The Kendra Scott earring that Duff is wearing in-photo is called ‘Wren’, which as said on Scott’s website is a favorite of Duff’s.  The earring has a carved smooth metal frame, which holds a sleek green stone.  Not only can you purchase this earring in the green stone as Duff has, but the earring also comes in five other stone color options: turquoise, yellow, blue agate, salmon, and pale green chalcedony.

Each color is great, but the green one that Duff has is my favorite: the earring is simply fabulous.  Not only do I love the color of the stone, but I also love the fact that this is a hanging earring.  There’s something about an oversized earring that pulls an outfit together, and draws everyone’s attention on you.   Wear these earrings with a pair of skinny jeans, a nude boyfriend blazer, nude pumps, a nude/brown light scarf with some sort of pattern, a flower cocktail ring, and a green purse to tie in the color of the stone in the earrings.

The earrings are perfect for Spring, and are available on for $70.