Roses, Chocolate, and Fashion

In Accessories on February, 13 2011

This has been such a busy weekend for me, and this week is about to get even busier (I am having fun though).  After attending Jill Stuart‘s show, my mom and I had a mother-daughter day, where we went to Silk Day Spa and had relaxing facials and body massages.  In between our treatments, we were able to munch on homemade chocolate-dipped bananas, fruits, pretzels, and drank an assortment of infused water like cucumber, grapefruit, orange, etc.  After a relaxing day at the spa, my mom and I went to Feinstein’s at the Regency Hotel where we had dinner and watched an entertaining performance by supermodel and Lipstick Jungle star, Brooke Shields, who sang and told stories about her life.

Today is all about work, while this evening will be all about the Grammy’s:  I will be posting my favorite looks from the Grammy’s tomorrow.  And what’s tomorrow?  Valentine’s Day, the day that some of us love, while others of us dread.

No Valentine this year for me, but I still like the cheesy Hallmark holiday: it’s a good excuse to dress in girly colors, eat delicious chocolate, and watch a romantic movie like Pretty Woman, one of my all time favorites, or listen to great music by artists like Norah Jones.  For those of you who do have a Valentine, having the perfect outfit is most likely in mind, and the man who is taking you out is probably wondering what to get you.

The Outfit: Valentine’s day is the the day we like to look flirty, sexy, and girly.  Red and pink are the signature VDay colors, and I don’t have a problem going with that tradition.  If your date is planning a surprise, you most likely don’t know if it’s dressy, casual, etc.  I say go for a dress: no matter where your date takes you, you still want to look your best, and how could you not feel great in a sexy dress with a hot pair of pumps?  Wear a rose-gold/pink sleeveless dress, nude peep-toe pumps, a rose-gold purse, and red lipstick for a bold yet flirty look.

The Gift: Listen up men-if it’s a serious relationship, yes flowers and chocolate are nice, but it’s time to go past the basics, and get a woman what she truly loves: jewelry.  Jewelry can be extremely expensive, but I found a ring that I think is reasonably priced for what it is, and chic.  Avanessi just came out with a Rose Gold Love Ring that (as said on is a great reminder that all you need is love (a bit cheesy, but it works on VDay) .  Not only is the color and saying of the ring adorable and fashionable, but the diamond accent tops it off and gives it glamour.    The ring is available on for $298: check it out.