The Snow Is Back

In Clothing, Shoes on January, 27 2011

Another snow day!  I really didn’t expect to have one today.  When I got the phone call bright and early this morning that schools would be closed, I was nothing but shocked, and half asleep.  However, I’m not complaining.  I have some work to do this morning, but I will definitely be out this afternoon having lunch at Freds at Barneys, running some errands, and might squeeze in a pedicure later on.  This snow day really gives me a chance to do things that I rarely have time to do during the week.

If you’re someone like me who just can’t stand spending an entire day at home, bundling up with a warm jacket and wearing the right snow boots is crucial for being out and about on this snow day.  I love a gray and black outfit for a day like this, and of course a pop of color by adding a silver metallic accessory.  Here’s my ideal outfit:

Jacket: Keep warm in a heavy grey wool duffle coat like the one from a European website called Debenhams.  The jacket is simple and chic with its black toggle fastening, and has a classic look that will not only work with casual outfits, but dressier ones too.  Wear this jacket for a day like today with black leggings and a long-sleeved black shirt or sweater. This jacket is definitely an ideal Winter coverup, and is available for $135 on

Boots: My first recommendation for this weather would be to wear your Hunter Boots, but it’s not fun to wear them every time it snows.  Your next best option  is to wear Moon Boots, and I found a pair in metallic silver that is adorable.  As said on, the high quality foam insulation keeps you warm, while adjustable laces give you an extra-tight fit.  The boots are cool-looking and will definitely get you through those snowy streets, and are available on for $150.

Finish up this outfit by accessorizing with a gray/black crystal combo earring, a black shoulder bag with silver hardware, a black cocktail ring, fingerless gloves for warmth and texting ability, black sunglasses, and a gray hat.  Enjoy the snow for those of you who have it!