Baked Moonshadow

In Beauty on January, 19 2011

Trish McEvoy, Clinique, MAC, and Christian Dior are some of the many makeup brands to choose from when purchasing makeup.  My makeup bag contains more than just one brand, so I find myself running to different stores for different products, like Bloomingdales and Sephora.  Makeup is not cheap, it’s somewhat of an investment.  If I’m on a makeup run for lets say eyeshadow, I need a shadow that is colorful, striking, easy, and inexpensive because the color I want usually only pertains to a few outfits for certain occasions.

Don’t just buy a shadow for one outfit, but buy for all, and one at a reasonable price.  You’re not always going to find designer-brand makeup like Chanel that is inexpensive, so try store-brand names like Sephora.  I used to think that wearing store-brand makeup was like taking generic medicine from a pharmacy.  I still feel that way about store-brand medicine, but not about store-brand makeup.

Sephora has their own line of fabulous makeup that is just as cool and chic as the more expensive brands out there, but at a better price.  What I love most in the Sephora collection are the Sephora eyeshadows, a bakedmoon shadow, in particular.  Sephora recently came out with a “Meteor Shower Bakedmoon Shadow” trio that is perfect in color and in price.   The trio provides you with three colorful and glamorous shades: rich earthy brown shimmer, bronzer shimmer, and deep turquoise shimmer.  The shades blend easily to create a powerful smokey eye with a sparkly finish that is perfect for the day and going into the night.

If you want a more intense look,  wet your eyeshadow brush when applying the colors for a bold effect.  Lastly, the darkest shade can be used as an eyeliner, so don’t worry about having to use your eye pencil.  I love the shades in this trio, and they will look great with anything from jeans and a cute blouse to a striking cocktail dress at night.  An outfit in the blue and bronze tones will look great with the eyeshadow shades.  The trio is available on for $17 – check it out.