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In Accessories on January, 10 2011

I am obsessed with an Erica Anenberg ring.  If you don’t know who Erica is, you might recognize her most well known rings which are the twosomes: the double-finger ring concept.  Some of the twosomes are completely covered in crystals, others are solid gold and silver with sayings like “I love you” on them, and others in shapes of snakes, bows, and more. Twosomes aren’t exactly my style, but Erica’s “one-somes” are.  Erica’s style of jewelry is fun, colorful, glamorous, expensive looking yet not too pricey, and most importantly unique.  Not only am I a huge fan of her jewlery, but celebs like the Kardashians, Rihanna, and Jessica Alba are too.  As said on Erica’s website, her collection helps people tell their own story through creative expression, and I notice that.

Erica just came out with a bold, stylish, and elegant “Crystal Cluster Ring” that is perfect for making a fashion statement.  The ring is plated with 14 karat gold, giving the ring a fresh and high-end look.  What makes this ring such a statement piece are the gorgeous and colorful Swarovski Crystals which I am obsessed with.  There are a variety  of stones that complete this ring: amethyst, ruby, peridot, citrine, and tiger’s eye, plus more.  The fact that there are so many colors allows you to be creative with your outfit.  The ring will look great with not just your simple black, gray, and white outfits, but you’re colorful ones too.  Use the ring to spice up your darker outfits in the colder months, and then to add some fun to your lighter outfits in the warmer months.

I have lots of rings in my little crystal ring box: stone rings, solid gold rings shaped as a snake, handmade rings, crystal rings, and more.  Each one has their own look and is right for a certain occasion, day, and night.  I don’t mind switching up my jewelry because it’s easy and does make a good difference to your outfit: the slightest differences are the ones that in the end make the biggest differences.

The trendy “Crystal Cluster Ring” is $114, and is available on