Ten Fashion New Year Resolutions

In Resort on January, 01 2011

Happy New Year!!! I’m quite exhausted from last night -I had a great time- but I was eager to get up early to write this post.  I said that I would show you what I wore to my New Year’s Eve party last night, so here it is ^.   Last night, I fashioned a Topshop nude dress with metallic flowers going through it.  The dress was the perfect length, had lots of movement, and the colors contrasted perfectly: this dress was the perfect Style Solution for me.  I paired my dress with nude pumps, a rose colored clutch, and lots of jewelry: white earrings embellished with green and pink stones, a rose colored ring on one hand with a gold ring on the other, and a J.Crew rose crystal bracelet that I got on sale for $15 which was such a deal.  I loved what I wore, and when the clock struck 12 I thought about New Year Resolutions.

When the new year starts to approach, I hear tons of people -be it someone sitting next to me at a restaurant or me reading a celebrity’s profile in US Magazine- listing their new year resolutions. Instead of me making new year resolutions that aren’t realistic, I like to make ones that will fit my everyday life.  Fashion is a huge part of my life -whether blogging, shopping, or reading about trends- and is something I like to improve on each year.  We all have faced a fashion crisis at some point, so why not have fashion new year resolutions?  You might have one fashion resolution, but I’ve made ten that will be useful for the new year: 2011, get ready for some big fashion statements.

1. If you have something in your closet that you haven’t worn once this year, get rid of it

2. Color is in.  If your closet is only full of black, white, and gray, add some pops of bright colors

3. Platforms are an evening-shoe basic.  You’re not a little girl anymore, it’s time to work your look on new heights

4. Do sequins intimidate you? Don’t let them anymore because they work for day and night

5. If you’re uncomfortable with your body in those jeans you’ve had forever, get rid of them and invest in a new pair

6. Chunky jewelry might seem big to you, but bring it on this year- cocktail rings, cuffs, statement necklaces, hanging earrings, and all

7. If you see your purse closet is looking a little dull, don’t be intimidated by prices at stores and find a handbag that is chic yet well priced.  Every girl deserves a handbag

8. Makeup does get old.  If you see your makeup starting to fall apart, don’t deal with it: buy something new

9. If you live in a snowy area, your boots will definitely get a lot of “work” this year.  If you see them starting to look disgusting and falling apart, buy a new pair because they are a winter necessity

10. Don’t be afraid to ask fashion questions.  Whether you want advice from the salesperson at the store you are shopping at, or asking me, don’t be afraid because fashion is just like any other subject to learn, and everyone can always improve