A True Shopper Can Always Find A Way

In On Location on November, 27 2010

Bonjour from Montreal!  It is so cold here yet beautiful due to the on and off snow showers throughout the day.  What a difference there is from Toronto to Montreal: both fabulous cities yet one (Toronto) more modern and the other (Montreal) older and French.  I was actually supposed to be in Paris this week, but a change of plans sent us to Canada, and being in Montreal gave me a little feeling of being in Paris.

A true shopper can always find a way to shop no matter what the temperature is outside.  I found myself spending the day in Montreal’s “Underground City” that is filled with thousands of shops in which 4 malls are combined together – for those who have been to the underground city, you know I’m not exaggerating.  The underground city is full of stores some of which we know like Zara, H&M, Louis Vuitton, etc, but then there are those boutiques and department stores that are local to Montreal such as Simons and Ogilvy.

Simons was full of fun wintery sweaters while Ogilvy had a great accessory department.  The prices in Montreal make living in New York seem like the biggest rip off, so it was great to have a vacation of shopping that was reasonable.  Back to New York tomorrow – hope everyone is having a great weekend!