Scratch Free

In Accessories on November, 04 2010

We love sunglasses, but not when they’re scratched.  Don’t you hate the feeling when you just bought those new pair of Ray Bans but a week later they’re already a mess? I do all the time – that’s why sunglass cases are needed.  We shouldn’t be spending money for a scratched up view, should we?

Yes it’s a pain to carry one extra thing in our purses despite how small it might be, but it is a necessity and an important one. You want your case to look just as cool as your sunglasses – no problem, because Kitson just came out with really cool looking sunglass cases.  The cases come in neon colors – pink, blue, green, and orange- and have patten leather sunglasses on the cases which look like the classic Ray Ban style, aviators, etc.

The design of these cases make them look like pop art – I love them.  Plus, they’re a great price: $18.  The next time you get sunglasses, you’ll be keeping them safe and scratch free in style.

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