Love Potion

In Clothing on October, 28 2010

Comfortable yet fashionable t-shirts are a necessity for every girl.  Yes, the American Apparel v-necks are comfortable, but they’re basic and won’t give you that cool/hip look.  Why is the title of this post called Love Potion?  Because the perfume bottle on the t-shirt is a love potion.

The perfume bottle on this shirt isn’t just any bottle, but a Chanel No5 – a classic and elegant perfume.    This shirt will definitely turn heads- it has a great fit, look, and design.  It comes in two colors: nude and white – I like the nude.

The colors of the top are neutral so you can really wear it with anything: from black leggings to grey jeans.  For day, I see this top with grey jeans and black booties with a leather jacket, and for night I see the shirt with black leggings, a boyfriend blazer, and either grey or mustard yellow (to pull in the yellow from the love potion) pumps.

As you can in see in the picture, Taylor swift owns a version of this t-shirt.

The top is available on the Boutique To You website for $88.  As the site says, persuade him with a potion.”