Secrets of using facial masks

In Beauty on October, 27 2023

Using face masks can greatly improve your skin, giving it a glowing and moisturised appearance. Here are some secrets to help you make the most of your face masks:

  1. Cleansing your skin: Make sure to cleanse your skin before applying a mask. Make sure it is free of make-up, dirt and sebum (sebum). Clean skin absorbs the active ingredients of the mask better.
  2. Skin preparation: If you plan to use a mask with exfoliants or exfoliating effect, do a mild exfoliation or scrub beforehand. This will help the active ingredients penetrate deeper.
  3. Read the instructions: Read the instructions on the mask packaging carefully. Some masks need to be applied on dry skin, while others need to be applied on wet skin.
  4. Follow the recommended time: Do not leave the mask on your face longer than recommended in the instructions. This can cause excessive dehydration of the skin or irritation.
  5. Avoid the eye and lip area: Face masks are usually not designed for the eye and lip area. These areas of the skin are more sensitive, so use special products for eyes and lips.
  6. Rest while the mask is in effect: While the mask is in effect, it is advisable to rest and relax. You can lie down and close your eyes, listen to music or meditate.
  7. Remove the mask carefully: When it is time to remove the mask, do it carefully so as not to damage your skin. You can use soft wet wipes or cotton discs.
  8. Finish the treatment: After removing the mask, apply a moisturiser or skin care product suitable for your skin type.
  9. Regularity: Face masks work best if you use them regularly. Follow the recommended schedule of use.
  10. Check skin reaction: If you have sensitive skin, test on a small area of skin first to make sure the mask does not cause irritation or allergic reaction.
  11. Choose masks for your skin type: There are many types of masks designed for different skin types (dry, oily, combination). Choose a mask that suits your needs.
  12. Follow personalised recommendations: If you have specific skin problems, follow the recommendations of your dermatologist or cosmetologist when choosing and using masks.

Remember, face masks are an essential part of skin care and can be a pleasant relaxation treatment.