Skyfall Fashion–James Bond Style

In Accessories, Holiday on November, 27 2012

James Bond is one of my favorite movie series–the glamour and intrigue of a day in the life of a spy are some of what I love most. Then there are those sharply dressed men with dreamy accents and steely gazes, both of which have yet to fail in capturing our attention, imagination, and for some, our hearts. The confidence that the James Bond character portrays is universally attractive. Therefore gentlemen, take this as a little inspiration to step up your personal style games! And ladies, here’s where you come in. Since the movie has come out just in time for the holidays and holiday shopping (Hollywood, you did good), it’s the perfect time to tie in our Bond-fever into the season of gifting.

Below are some gift ideas to give the men in your life (be it your boyfriend, or simply just a friend) a little hint of 007’s edge. With these presents, you’ll add some sophistication and sex appeal without any danger. And if you haven’t nailed a seat at the movie theater yet, definitely catch it before it’s out of theaters–it really is great.

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