Eating In

In Food on August, 01 2012

When away on vacation for a good amount of time, there are some nights when I’m just not in the mood to go out for dinner, and staying in my hotel room is more appealing.

So that’s what my mom, my brother and I decided to do last night. We stopped at our favorite supermarket at Le Bon Marche department store and picked up a bunch of food for a hotel room picnic.

We bought a variety of cheese (my favorite was a goat cheese topped with apricots), olive breads, butter (which by the way is unreal in this country), fruit salad, duck pate, olives, a limited edition Tropicana white peach and cherry juice (so not like what we have in the US), thin chocolate chip cookies, raspberry madeleine’s and mini fruit pate–my little brother Mitchell set up the dessert.

It was absolutely delicious, and the perfect reward for being on my toes for 10 hours straight.

avec style,