Polka Dot Palooza

In Accessories, Clothing, Shoes on July, 27 2012

I’ve recently been going through this semi-awkward phase in my wardrobe where I don’t feel like constantly wearing summer clothes. I’ve been leaning towards pieces that are year round classics, and can be spiced up with mini doses of summer trends like neons and pastels via shoes and accessories. So, I’m adoring prints more than ever, and polka dots are spot-on with my wearabouts. Whether large or small in size, polka dots add a simple and feminine aspect to your wardrobe, whether you’re hitting the Hamptons for the weekend or a vacation in Paris. And if you haven’t taken a stab at the print since let’s say..I don’t know..when you were a little girl, be one of the first to bring it back.

Below is my roundup of polka dot favorites.

Kate Spade, $350

J.Crew, $120

Sheinside, $65

Comme des Garçons, $155

Stella McCartney, $225

with style,