Sydney Interviews Kara Janx (part I)

In Interview/Personal Appearance on February, 14 2012

Having been a finalist on Project Runway’s Season 2, Kara Janx‘s career has skyrocketed in the past couple of years. Staring in the new season of Project Runway All Stars, viewers get to witness her incredible body of work. Armed with a degree in architecture and an innate sense of color, Kara’s women’s collections are hip, youthful and extremely wearable. This is part I of my interview with Kara. 

S: When did you realize that you wanted to be a fashion designer?

K: Ever since I can remember! I was doing art classes from a very young age and then studied architecture; fashion was a natural progression.

S: You were born in South Africa and now live in New York City. How does the way people dress differentiate between the two?

K: South Africans like to really show the labels they are wearing, almost as an ode to the fact that they can now get international brands; it’s more Euro there. There is also a vast mix of cultural styles. Some people are very traditional in their dressing and are very honorable to the country. South Africa is much more of a melting pot these days and I think lots of people would meld nicely into the New York fashion set.

S: What was it like starring on a major TV show?

K: It has been an incredible launching pad for my business; the name recognition is just incredible. I’ve also learned a lot from being in that environment and have grown immensely as a designer each time. It really pushes the best out of you.

S: It definitely seems like it! I adore the dress you designed for Miss Piggy on one of the Allstar challenges. Is there another fictional character that you’d like to design an outfit for?

K: Thank you! Well, my daughter loves princesses and Tangled is very current, so I would really like to take on the challenge of updating a few of those ladies.

Stay tuned for part II of my interview with Kara tomorrow!

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