From Wintery New York City To Sunny Palm Beach

In Holiday on December, 26 2011

It’s been so nice celebrating Christmas at home in New York City. From lit sweet plum Diptyque holiday candles and warm chocolate fondue with old friends to fun and entertaining shows, it’s been a real treat.  However, I’m so ready to get out of my furs, boots, and wintery accessories for a week and head to sunny Palm Beach.

Before packing my outfits in my suitcase, I like to lay them on the floor so that I can style each look with shoes, jewelry, and other accessories. I am very excited for my Palm Beach wardrobe: a few pieces that I bought in the Hamptons Memorial Day weekend, some that I bought in LA in July, and many brand new pieces that I invested in just this month that I’ll be wearing for the first time. Lots of bright pink and orange hues, oversized jewelry, colorful clutches, and many, many shoes.

For those heading somewhere warm, remember, this is your one chance to try and avoid black.

If you must wear black clothes, brighten them up with some fun and colorful accessories.  Neons are the best.

Time to get ready and finish packing my travel bag.

Next post…from Palm Beach!

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