Monday Style

In Accessories, Clothing, Holiday on July, 11 2011

Hot 90 degree days like today are the times when I crave the Hamptons the most.  Yesterday was absolutely beautiful on the East End, making leaving harder than ever.  I luckily got to spend some time outdoors, taking a walk on the beach, running some errands around town, and having lunch outside at Sant Ambroeus.

I’ve done a surprising amount of shopping this weekend; it always seems I do the most shopping when it’s not planned.  However, it will all come to good use as I am going to LA and San Francisco next week.  Next weekend will be all about California!

Above is a picture of me from Guest of a Guest at the Love Heals event at Luna Farm in which you can see my outfit more clearly.  I love wearing dresses all day and night during these warm sunny days as they make for an effortlessly chic summer outfit.

Today, I’m wearing my fire engine red J Brand jeans that just came back from the cleaners.  It is my first time fashioning them, and I’m really happy with the way I styled them, and the length that was taken off at the cleaners.  I paired my jeans with a tucked-in black v-neck t-shirt and a black Splendid shrug.  I accessorized with black Aldo half-inch heel shoes, a black Hermes belt, a new necklace that I bought this weekend at Therapy (a long gold chain with a medium-sized crystal hanging off of it), and my Louis Vuitton tote.