Sydney Interviews Shoshanna Gruss

In Designer, Interview/Personal Appearance on June, 03 2011

If you want to fashion the hottest bathing suits this summer, shopping Shoshanna Swimwear is a must.  Talented designer, wife, mother, and fan to the Hollywood stars, I present you my interview with Shoshanna Gruss.

SS: What are your suggestions to finding the “right” bathing suit?

SG: When you go shopping for your summer suit, make sure to go into the dressing room bikini ready.  Between the horrible lighting, tiny dressing rooms and terrible mirrors, many women put off trying suits on because they’re not up for it, but I always say go shopping the way you would go to the beach!  You want to feel confident, so put some makeup on and a little self-tanner to get you in the mood!

SS: Your Baby Girl swimwear “mommy and me” collection is so on target.  Did this concept originate from being a mom yourself?

SG: Initially, the idea started in a conversation with Saks asking for the prints to be put onto little girl swimsuits.  However, the entire concept didn’t come into fruition until after my daughter Sienna was born.  Once I had her, it just seemed like a natural step for the line to take and has been such a huge success that we continue it each season!

SS: Tell me about your collaboration with BFF Charlotte Ronson.

SG: Charlotte and I have always been big supporters of each other.  We decided it would be a lot of fun to work together on a swim collaboration and fortunately it has been so successful that we continue it each season!  Even though our own collections look so different, when we hang out, shop and design we actually start with a lot of the same inspirations and just interpret them in really different ways.  I know what she likes, she knows what I like, and a lot of the time we like the same thing.  We knew there would be a cross over between her customers and mine, so we thought it would be fun to find prints and add our own individual touches to the same collection.

SS: How hands on are you with the concepts, designs, and marketing of your collections?

SG: 100% involved-I have a great team in place in my studio, but am still in full control of everything that we do.  I love it so much; I would never want it to be any other way! (In photo: High Tide Halter & Ring Bottom)

A big thanks to Shoshanna!  Check out her collections at Saks, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, and hundreds of speciality stores around the US.  To find a store near you, check out the Shop Now section on