Brighten Up Your Eyes

In Beauty on May, 26 2011

It’s time to brighten up your eyes this weekend with a new quad of eyeshadows.  The key to having those perfect summer eyes is for them to be colorful but not too overpowering.  Unfortunately, even when I try my hardest, there is no way of traveling without my extra bag that entails my must-haves.  My makeup bag is something that must transfer back and forth with me.

As I was going through my eyeshadows that I want to bring to the Hamptons this weekend, I noticed that the majority of my shades were in the bronze family: I was lacking color.  Although I love bronze shades (frankly because I feel most comfortable wearing them), there’s something about color that I feel can brighten one’s face in a trendy and fun way.

To give my collection of shadows a new and colorful addition, I decided to invest in Chanel‘s newest summer eyeshadow quad: Lilium.  Each shadow in the quad -shimmery light pink, light and soft green, taupe, and blue-toned green, is on the shimmery and sheer side.  However, when applying with a wet brush, the shades will appear more intense.  I like that I have the option of having a delicate or bold look depending on my mood and what I’m wearing.

I’m finding myself using the light and soft green on my lid, the blue-toned green on my crease, and the shimmery light pink on my arch most.  All in all, I love each shade in this Chanel quad, and Chanel makeup-lovers will not be disappointed.

Lilium is available on for $57.  Although a bit pricey, this quad will last you all summer long.