Surviving The Intensity of Soul-Cycle Takes A Stylish Number From Track & Field

In Clothing on March, 16 2011

Living in New York City is great for various reasons, but the ability to walk anywhere and everywhere is the best reason of them all. Due to the fact that I walk at least a mile everyday, I somehow think that my long walks from all points of the city make up for not going to the gym.  However, after a stressful and intense period of exams, I wanted to get all my energy out through exercise, and taking a long walk wasn’t going to do the trick: that’s when I tried, and loved, Soul-Cycle.

Soul-Cycle is an indoor cycling 45 minute class that has truly changed my outlook on exercise.  Although the class takes place in a zen/relaxing dark room where the only bit of light comes from soothing candles, don’t let that fool you, because the great instructors and blasting up-beat music makes the ultimate intense workout.  The class is hip, fun, energetic, and lively: everyone walks out, in the end, completely drenched in sweat.

Now that I have survived my first Soul-Cycle class, I am ready to take more classes this and next week.  When going to exercise classes, or even the once in a blue moon visits to my gym downstairs, I like to be comfortable, but still fashionable.  My favorite sportswear brand is from Brazil: Track & Field.  Track & Field has a store located on Madison Avenue in NYC and has everything from tight shorts, comfortable shirts, sneakers, yoga mats, bathing suits to sports bras, plus so much more.  All Track & Field clothing is extremely colorful and high-tech looking, which is why I’m such a fan.  The store has a very cool and sleek look considering all products are packaged in colorful capsules labeled by style number and size on the walls.

My favorite piece of clothing that I have from Track & Field is a long-sleeved thin white top with black sleeves and thin green trim on the neckline.  The top is soft, comfortable, and matches perfectly with black leggings.  I used to think that it was fine to wear any t-shirt when exercising, but there’s something about wearing clothing made for the purpose of working out that is more comforting and motivating.  Prices at Track & Field start around $50: be smart about your purchases, and pick a few select items that you know you’ll constantly wear.

I’m excited to wear my workout clothes to my next class at Soul-Cycle: who knows, maybe in a few weeks I’ll be ready to take a Soul-Survivor class (just kidding).