All I Want For Christmas…

In Holiday on December, 25 2010

Merry Christmas Style Solutions readers!  Today is the day when you open your presents (hopefully some of which were on your wish list) and when you get to follow all of your holiday traditions.  Everyone celebrates Christmas in their own special ways: from simply going to different places, eating different food, and spending time with different people.

Here’s what I’m doing today.  First, my mom is making an early brunch for my family: Great Grandma’s traditional crepes with warm apple cinnamon sauce, stewed figs, sparkling apple-pomegranete juice, fruit salad with all of the holiday fruits like clementines, kumquats, and oranges, cranberry panettone which I can never get enough of, and homemade hot chocolate with marshmallows for when we open presents.  Later we are going to take a walk in Central Park because we have a huge dinner around 4:30 pm.  For a super early dinner, my family and I are going to Joel Robuchon’s restaurant at the Four Seasons hotel which has my favorite holiday food other than my mom’s.  Lastly, my mom and I are going to see Donny and Marie Osmand’s Christmas Show on Broadway which I am so excited to see.

No matter where your holiday takes you today, you can still add some Christmas spirit to your outfits.  When opening presents in the morning with your childish yet adorable pajamas on, put on your silly santa hat to bring out laughters and festivities.  If you go out for a little walk around the block, there’s no need to get fancy: just put on a pair of jeans or leggings with a cute red or green v-neck (being comfy during Christmas Day is crucial).  If you go out or stay home for a Christmas dinner, this would be the time to glam it up a little: put on a fabulous holiday-looking cuff like Liz Palacios “Piedras” Red Swarovski Crystal Cuff ($87.50).

So put on your Christmas music, get comfy in your pj’s, eat lots of delicious food, and then glam it up for your evening of Christmas fun.  Some of you might have had short wish lists, while others long, and I would love to hear from you what your favorite Christmas gift was this year.  I hope everyone has a fashionably fabulous Christmas, and keep an eye out for a post tomorrow.  xo